Can You Dig It?

Remember the theme from Shaft, with that funky wahwah guitar? Or the start of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Chile, with that choppy metalic strumming? Well I'm trying to get that kind of sound.

The wah effect and grungy distortion aren't so difficult - it's the muted string hammer-ons I can't synthesise. Once again, software easily recreates the various ways you can mangle the vibrations from a guitar's strings, but can't quite manage the guitar.

However, I can still manage a reasonable acoustic guitar, thanks to the birthday present from mother two years ago, so I'm thinking of an "unplugged" version of Does She - which I originally wrote as a PSB-type synthpop thing. I've cobbled together some cello and violin patches, which could either sound gloriously lush or overblown as an inflated haggis. We'll see.

The parents are taking Dino (our smaller, younger, browner, yappier, excitabler dog) to a dog show on Sunday, where he'll walk around in a circle for the judges and possibly jump over some obstacles. But more likely dash around like a mad thing and try to make friends with an alsatian.

I'm chairing a forum in the evening on "Imperialism, Zionism and the Middle East". I'm under strict instructions to maintain decorum for members of the Arab community who're expected to participate in the discussion.


  1. Do I remember?! I still listen to that tune! Love the wahwah.

  2. Who's the big sexy pirate DJ who's such a lazybugger with all the Pigs? Taz!

  3. They say this cat Taz is a bad mother.

  4. The theme from Shaft blows my mind.