Top Dog

Dino won a first prize at the dog show. He's got a big red rosette, which he might be able to wear, if it wasn't larger then his head. He was best-of-class against 7 other toy dogs, which actually makes him eligible to compete at crufts. All highly surprising.

Still, it means we probably will breed him - or rather, let a professional breeder use him as a stud (ha!), and select one of the offspring as payment. It's a common practice, in the dog-eat-dog world of dogs.

I've recorded 4 vocal takes for Science Fiction, Double Feature, none of which I'm really happy with, but with luck they'll stitch together into something presentable.

The forum was a great success. 30 people - half not usual suspects - crammed into an upstairs pub room, an expert speaker holding forth for 45 minutes on the history of zionism, and the chair (me!) struggling to field another 45 minutes of questions and contibutions from the floor.

I recorded it on my trusty minidisc device, and I think there'll be a few requests for copies to mull over at leisure.

Forums have become expensive for me, because whenever the trio of Tom, Roxanne and Craig come along, I join them afterwards in the One Eyed Dog for drinks followed by curry in the small balti house and extended political debate with the waiter. Who now knows to expect us, and is rapidly getting more educated about world politics than we are.

Then back to Rox's flat for even more politics, plus music listening, and quite a lot of smutty banter. On this occasion, the ever-lovely, sensitive and bafflingly straight Craig let me give him a sweedish massage, before we sang a duet of Que Sera Sera, and he dozed off using me as a pillow. Well I thought it was a very nice evening.


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening to me. Were you wearing Dino's big red rosette during the Swedish massage session?

  2. Huh! What do you think I am? Some kind of pervert?!

  3. I guess you're saving it for the second session then.