It's amazing what you can do when (a) you can't sleep and (b) your internet connection isn't working. Instead of wasting hours faffing around on silly websites, I've got the instrumentation of three songs half finished. Actually two of them are acoustic and techno versions of the same song - which leaves me a bit puzzled as to which is the original and which the remix.

In recognition of those readers who want me to get my organ out (see comments on last post), one finished version will definitely contain a large organ. With lots of hot drawbar action.

And hard strumming.

Today is the first day of "clearing" - when students who didn't get a place at any of the universities they applied for (or whose applications got lost, or who forgot to apply) compete for places at universites that have unfilled courses.

I forget what happened to my application for science teacher training, but there just might be a place going at some obsure university somewhere, so I'll apply.

The Art of Noise boxset arrived. Four CDs, booklet of band member comments, extra promotional CD and some very nice packaging. Odd that an assemblage of early work, sketches and unfinished songs should get such lavish presentation - more worked on than the albums of material considered releasable at the time.

The gig was okay - good but not great. The Nell Gwynne is one of those large family pubs, friendly to animals and children, which is somehow still a small seedy workingmen's pub scaled up in size. All three band members played/sang well, even though as usual Paul had his guitar up too loud.

I got thoroughly pissed on the amazingly strong house doubles, and completely failed to get off with two turkish men. Not together, you understand - sequentially.

With drunkenness comes the munchies, and now, having consumed half a block of hallumi cheese, some bread, some dates, a chocolate bar and three cups of tea (with an episosde of my favourite medical drama) I feel rather ill. And mysteriously sober.


  1. "definitely contain a large organ. With lots of hot drawbar action.And hard strumming."

    Will there be a video for it?

  2. I can't wait to see the video and hope it's very in your face.

  3. Eat more chocolate and get off with more Turks. It'll be a veritable Turkish delight!


    Then report back. The most interesing topics, I find, on blogs, are chocolate and sex.

    Give your readers what they want, I say.