"Does she drink tall drinks...

After spend much of the day trying to write verses for the song, I finally managed 8 lines, written in 10 minutes. These are the lyrics as they stand:

That telephone call
She wouldn't leave her name
Where did you really go
When you went out with your friends, yesterday

Does she
Stand and dim the light
Kissing you goodnight
Does she
Sit with you and listen
When you
Tell her I'm your prison

If the price of love
Is to lose it all some day
If you have to go then go
But I'm asking you to stay

Does she
Let you stroke her hair
When you
Tell her that you care
Does she
Ask for your devotion
When she
Toys with your emotion

Does she
Call you on the phone
To check
That you're still alone
Does she
Hold you as you sleep
While i
Close my eyes and weep

I've come up with a good demo backing, and should be able to record vocals in time for Nick to hear them tonight.

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  1. That's so sad but I love it anyway, worth a day of thinking I'd say.