Pingu, Tux, and Vic

HSBC may have customer service that sucks like Linda Lovelace. but Sentinel (owned by Lloyds, hah!) can at least get me a new debit card.

On one hand, that's a fringe benefit of living with your parents, who pay for insurance on small important things like cards and keys that often get lost. One another hand, it means we're now expected to pay one bank for cover that's supposedly basic service by another.

One difference between the real world of human relationships and the bizarro world of business is: in one you try to get strangers to slowly fuck you till you can't take it anymore. In the other you try to make them stop. Unless that's just Linda Lovelace.

This blog surfed into mine recently. I don't suppose they found much of interest here, but I find them very interesting.

"Who Links to Me?" is something to put in your blogroll. Seemingly it keeps track of who's put you in their blogroll.

There's also Blogrolling, for those who'd like to manage their blogrolls without editing any actual HTML.

I'm a fan of minimal HTML - or XML or SGML or TeX or whatever incomprehensible and possibly pointless variation they've come up with this week. Which means I'm also a fan of editing and optimising the stuff by hand. Not that I can understand half the style sheets of this here blog well enough to prune.

A pleasant stroll along the beach with Paul T, who just happens to have a Hungarian girlfriend and to be learning the language. This is helpful because both can check my pronounciation of Gloomy Sunday lyrics, before I make a twit of myself trying to sing it in the original language.

I know one word of Hungarian - Pingvinok. "Penguins".


  1. Today is one day short of your blog having it's second anniversary (I checked when I noticed that you started in August 2004, first entry 22nd).

    At least you kept your one going longer than I kept mine.

    These days, I am a passive consumer of content rather than an active producer which is perhaps just as well, considering the lack of editorial control I have seen in other places.