Lost and Found

During the drunkenness of last night (or was it the night before? I forget) I managed to lose my keys. This has two effects. First, my father changes all the locks because he's sure someone will find the keys in the street, use ESP to discover which doors they fit, and break in to steal our video recorder. Or murder us in our beds. Second, I get a load of new keys cut to fit the new locks. Which are actually the previous set of locks, which father changed over last time I lost my keys.

Last Saturday was a protest called by Stop The War Coalition, which I didn't get to go to. It was a moderate success in terms of attendance and media coverage - i.e. the BBC actually mentioned it.

STWC called another protest this for Saturday, and a lot of us groaned inwardly - the prospect wasn't especially enticing of spending another week persuading non-regulars to go, booking another coach, arranging small subsidies for the genuinely broke etc, and all for an event which felt like overegging the proverbial yoke.

However, 25+ complete strangers have got in contact, eager to protest, some for the first time in their lives. And some have promised to bring their friends. When that number of ordinary people, who aren't usually political at all, take the trouble to mobilise themselves, it means there's hundreds more in the town who feel something similar but don't act on it. Which means the national mood is probably actually on our side.

I have encountered exactly one person who didn't have at least reservations about Israel's actions - and they seemed to be under the impression that "Middle East" was one country. Even though they were an ex-soldier who'd fought out there.

So, I suppose I'll have to go on the demo too.

CW is back in contact - with the two most romantic text messages I've ever recieved. Awww!

[Kapitano goes all squishy and instantly forgives the man in his life for disappearing for three weeks]

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