Way Back, Back in Time

Okay, there are a few other people on FriendsReunited who've crossed my path. They all seem to be gainfully employed, mortgaged, and married with children.

I've taken the proverbial plunge, subscribed and emailed two of them - Nick S and Martin J. Both have turned into stage actors and film producers in the intevening years.

Nick S wrote back to say he's playing Dr Who in a theatre 10 minutes from my home - it's probable we've already passed on the street without recognition.

I've spent my life leaving my friends and my past behind. It's oddly disconcerting to find both still around.
I need warm slippers for the coal hole. Not a sentence you read very often, but I do. It's cold down there.

Thick brickwork and being behind two doors mean I'm sonically quite well insulated from the outside world - though ironically the delivery chute means the street can hear me better than my cohabitees can.

There is a reverb, which I might want to muffle. Months ago I had a big stack of eggboxes, collected for building a possible recording booth. My esteemed father decided one day I didn't need them and threw them away. After two hours shouting it became clear he was never going to grasp that he'd done something wrong.

Could I stick some old carpets on the walls?
It's 0325, I'm not going to get to sleep for another six hours or more, and I can't watch films or tinker with computers because my slightly boring brother and his rather exciting girlfriend are sleeping over in the relavent rooms.

So what can I do? I know, I'll try to write a song. Results, if any, in the next post.

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  1. Re carpets and egg boxes...

    look under absorbers. Other good stuff too.