Elective Affinities

The elections are on Thursday, so today was to last chance to leaflet the mosques at Friday prayers. I got the smaller of Portsmouth's two mosques, trying not to be too shy about asking strangers to vote for my friend.

John M took me out for a curry in the evening, partly because he wanted advice on Aristotelian sylogism theory for an article he's writing on dialectics. The chief stumbling block was the notion of "logic" as "a set of complete rules for consistant predicate implication" - such as arithmetic and geometry - instead of "reasoning in accordance with reality". After that, notions of granularity, multivalency, so-called fuzzyness, intutitionism and first order systems came easily.

And if you understood that paragraph, you're probably better at explaining logic than I am. But it's good to know the piles of books I read 12 years ago have finally come in useful. One small irony - I'll probably be the one to type up the finished article.

More leafletting tomorrow, but the easy kind that involves putting paper through letterboxes with "No Junk Mail" posters in the window.

First though there's the script of "The Investigation" play. I've OCRed the full (4 hour) script, and now have to translate the penciled-in cuts and changes of the cut-down (90 minute) script to changes in the OCR document. If you see what I mean. So I'm effectively the director's secretary, largely because seemingly no one else in the theatre company understands wordprocessors.

Electioneer, logician and copy editor. Truely I am a renaissance man.

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