A Cunning Linguist

A few weeks ago, I lent someone UKP20. Yesterday they paid it back, and I used the cash to buy a very large bag of assorted fruits, the idea being to eat healthily.

Unfortunately there was enough money left over for eggs, butter and biscuits, so today's evening meal was eggs fried in butter followed by chocolate biscuits.

Guilt and indigestion set on at the same time.
A flying evening visit from Paul T, who wanted some CDs copying. He spent 30 minutes railing against "supposedly educated middle class english people" who pronounce words naturalised into English from other languages as though they were English words.

I didn't mention that English is composed entirely of words from other languages. Or the way speakers of other languages 'mispronounce' English words naturalised into their own language.

I remember once someone telling me Radio 4 newscasters were illiterate oiks because the pronounced the Spanish word "Junta" as /dZAnt@/ (rhymes with 'punter'), whereas anyone who knew anything knew it was /hM:nt@/ (roughly, 'hunter' pronounced in a scottish accent).

I thought it best not to mention it was actually more like /xu:nta:/ (something along the lines of 'Khoontar'). Depending on which part of Spain you were in at the time.
CW is back in touch. He thinks I'm highly eccentric and lead a full, varied life. Despite the fact that he's the one learning to play the ukelele and determined to visit places I have trouble finding on the map. Next up: Tunisia

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