And Here's One I Prepared Earlier

Today was scheduled for canvassing. Knocking on people's doors and asking them to vote for our candidate. I got out of it by claiming (largely truthfully) that if anyone asked me about George Galloway, I'd be forced to admit I think he's a pretentious preening egotist and I don't trust him as far as I could spit him. An admission which might, on balance, reduce Respect's vote.

Of course the real reason is I absolutely loathe having to converse with real people. Scientists, artists, academics and activists are fine, but people who can have conversations about reality TV are an incomprehensible species.

I have in fact been persuaded to do canvassing just once, 2 or 3 years ago - and got a street containing a man who said he'd vote for anyone who got all the immigrants out of his country. I was very diplomatic and calmly explained to him why he was misinformed, but not why he was a worthless piece of scum.
Why have I had a nonstop headache for the past three days? The last time this happened was when I tried the Atkins diet, and had a ten day headache, plus the more usual side effects of a zero-carb diet - constipation, vagueness, tierdness.

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to feel like that or like this when trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Most of my more interesting writing doesn't appear in this blog. It's in comments to other blogs and discussion forums. So I thought...the next time I don't have anything to record in this blog, a selection of contributions to other places would be nice.

So when you see a post of self quotes, you'll know it's because I've got nothing to say, but once did ;-).
It's likely the cover of the next Strict Machines album will be a pastiche of Tom of Finland's preposterous drawings - like the one in the previous entry. Paul thinks they're hilarious, and Anna, who shares his sense of the absurd and bad taste, is a good pencil artist.

Which gives me the excuse to post another one.


  1. I tend to do rather better without having to converse with 'real people', too. Ditto your sentiments on GG.

    Unfortunate, especially if you're a Socialist, to have unreconstructed members of the working classes espousing odious and loathsome sentiments. Kind of makes one wish for an alternative 'poor oppressed mass', who's cause can be championed, without their articulating such repellent sentiments as a desire to 'get all the immigrants out of the country'.

  2. As you probably know, Bertold Brecht once suggested to Stalin that he deal with troublesome elements in the working class by officially dissolving the population and electing a new one.

    I suspect Tony Blair wants to go further - imprison the current population and appoint a new one.

    Some slogans:
    * We support the workers even though we don't like them.
    * Freedom for everyone except the pond life.
    * Fight for the more middle-class working-class.

  3. I generally despise slogans, but on balance, those three aren't too bad in the scheme of things.

    Fighting for the 'more middle class working class' seems to offer some potential, but isn't there the danger that all some of them want to do is become more middle class?

    Yes, I had come across the quote from Bertolt Brecht. I suspect that Blair will settle for simply ignoring the current population, while appointing anyone who will vote to keep him in power. I wonder whether or not he has had a conference with Robert Mugabe yet? Perhaps he has nothing to learn from Mugabe after all.