That Sounds Like A Plan

Right. The easy things I have to do tomorrow (today) are: Sign on, take some CDs back to the library, charge the phone and camera.

The more difficult things involve negotiating with John M about our both attending different bits of two simultainious conferences in London, finding train routes there (and back) that require less than two changes, and trying to help out with Paul T's financial dire straits.

And then arranging accommodation for Friday and Saturday night. Yes, I know, John was going to arrange it but couldn't. I can put up with one night on a park bench - though that won't do for a 55 year old man with health problems - but I don't especially want to discuss the finer points of Hegel's logic after two nights in the open.

There's three days of stuff on TV to schecule for recording, and encoding when I get back. I'll have to pack a change of clothes, a charged MP3 player, and camera plus tapes to film some presentations.

The easiest bit is casually telling my parents that I'm going away for a while. The weather has finally turned cold, windy and rainy, and I can expect the same weather over the next three days. Oh god.

Anyway. Just to say, the bedroom is still a mess, Dino needs a bath, no one's bid for my books, and I'll be without blog access for a few days.

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