Dream Off

Not the most successful gig in the world. I arrived during the second band - The Suburbian, who turned out to be a teenage artschool foursome of serious musos. They put me in mind of Led Zeppelin trying to be Pink Floyd - stadium rockers doing jazz-influenced introspective pop.

Probably they were very good, but the sound system and accoustics of The Front Room are abysmal. So the grungier sound of Strict Machines was smeared into thrash metal.

Afterwards, Fabio B was depressed because he'd made some minor mistakes on drums, and Paul T was depressed because the small audiance dwindled during 'his' set. Anna F was depressed because of the surly and incompetent sound technicians, and the fact that the venue lie about doing publicity.

There was, for me, a single bright spot. Russian Anna - who is petite and delicate (and Russian) in contrast to the tough and vampiric Anna F - brought along her boyfriend, Justin. Who is equally petite and just jawdroppingly gorgeous. As well as a good hearted, down to earth fellow. With deep brown eyes to get lost in. [Cough].

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