A Pint of Lemsip, Please

Coughing, sniffing, croaking, cattarrh, headache, muzzyness and lethargy. Yep, sounds like a cold to me.

I managed to get through summarising the conference, though I was criticised for presenting a series of political problems without varnishing them with encouragement and hope.

Afterwards, against my better judgement, I let myself get dragged around by a gang of slightly drunk young socialists. We sat at Gareth E's place - Gareth, myself, Paddy U, Lee S and Eddie C - and decided to hold an impropmtu debate on Human Nature.

What other political group would you expect to do that? I can't imagine a group of Lib Dems getting drunk and holding a debate on monarchism.

I improvised an introductory presentation on the various meanings of 'human' - anthropoid species, person, community componant - and how 'nature' means something different in each case.

Paddy took the view that recognising socialisation is suffient to escape it, but Lee argued that being aware of emotional programming is only the first and smallest step to overcomming it, and Gareth added that the concrete forces of money and law still enforce the status quo when ideology fails.

I got to home and bed after 0300, and I'm suffering for the night out now.
There's a protest on Saturday, which I've been asked to film, and make a short (15 mins) video presentation out of. Let's see if I can still remember how to use Premiere.

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  1. Colds are better than Flu, and infinitely better than anything pandemicy, though you have my commiserations ;)
    The good news is Premiere is a doddle!