Das Buch

Creativity comes in bursts. Nick has read my story - noting quite correctly that it's too short to be called a novel - and will send a review soon. This has prompted me to think again about a piece of fiction I started working around eight years ago.

It's a kind of sci-fi spy thriller, set onboard a giant station in deep space. Instead of different groups of humans represented by different alien species, all the characters are human, but alien and strange to each other. Like Tolkein, I'm working mainly on the customs, history and languages spoken, before filling out details of plot. One important thing: there are no heroes and villains, only antiheroes and adversaries.

There's a few beaurocratic documents I'll have to lend my burst of creativity to in the next few days, which is always annoying. But I'm also tweaking some old lyrics, and hope to start recording again by the end of the week.

Before that, try to do something I haven't done for a month - try to get to sleep when it's dark so I can be awake when it's light. Gute Nacht.

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