Bang Goes Another Kanga

Not much musical progress with Paul T, mainly because we were both too tierd to do much except lie on the floor eating cheese sandwiches rediscovering Kate Bush albums from the late 70s.

Peter Gabriel, Georgio Moroder, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Vengellis are noted today as experimenters and innovators from that period. Even Bill Nelson, Philip Glass and for that matter Human League get namechecked. But for some reason Kate Bush gets remembered for extraordinary voice and lyrics, but not for soundscapes.
Tonight's forum was on 'Globalisation and Resistance', but somehow turned into 'Why my boss makes it impossible for me to do my job'. I think the political climate of 'radical watertreading' is due to a confluence of 'longhaul blues', 'christmas drag' and 'brassmonkey syndrome'.

The weather today stopped being just 'cold' and became 'bloody freezing'. Which is why I'm still shivering with two teeshirts and jogging gear under the jeans.

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