Dream On

I'm recovering from the cold, just as a several others are catching one, but I'm sleeping 15 or 16 hours a day.

This afternoom, I dreamed I was in a big old house - actually the house my maternal grandparents lived in - with a friendly couple in their 60s. We sat in the dim glow of a television, eating tea and cake.

There was a storm coming - a big one. One that might flatten the houses in the district if it didn't submerge them. But the experts weren't absolutely sure how hard it would hit.

I was trying to persuade the couple to take some kind of precautions, but all they did was drape the furniture with waxen sheets to protect it from rainwater when the roof started to leak. The storm was gathering outside and they sat munching an endless procession of biscuits, as the same items were advertised on the television.

They told me the house had survived a storm last year, so it would survive this one. And anyway, if it didn't, they'd had a good life, they were old, and it would all be over quickly. But not to worry, because the experts on the television aren't certain.

It was so tempting to give up trying to persuade them. They nodded in sage agreement that the government lied about everything and it looked a really bad storm, but continued to sit in contentment.

I knew there was almost nothing that we could do to protect us from the storm, and if it did kill us, wasn't it better to spend our last few hours enjoying ourselves, instead of hard work that was probably pointless?

In the final few seconds, the voiceover from the commercial for the brand of buscuits they were eating seemed to come from everywhere, as though we were now inside the advert.
Having been asleep for most of the night and most of the day (isn't there a song about that?) I have the strength to go and see Strict Machines playing in The Front Room against The Suburbian - described to me as 'sweet young boys and also pretty good." Hmmm.
I've been made a moderator of MusicInTheMachine, a yahoo discussion group about making electronic music. It's not very active, and has been having problems with spam lately.

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