Kapitano's Law of Organising Stuff: Just when you think you've finished, something crops up that means you've got to do it again.

I've got seven years worth of software and documents, spread across dozens of CDs, to prune down to what I actually need (or are likely to need in the near future). It's mostly done - in the sense that most of the needed files have been copied and most of the old discs thrown away. But, as with so much else, the final ten percent of the task takes ninety percent of the time.

Seven years worth of accumulated sitting in front of computers amounts, after pruning, to four gigabytes of data and programs I actually have a use for. Plus, admittedly, probably the same again in commercial software.

Ah well, in other news:

* The local job market has shrunk even further. The extra seasonal work (post office, sales) has been much more than counterbalanced by a general downturn. In the last five weeks, there have been 56 new vacancies in Hampshire - mostly in specialist areas. There's not even vacancies for cleaners or drivers, which is highly surprising.

* Dino is now extremely confident in his ability to climb stairs. He just can't begin to climb down stairs. The breeder wants to breed from him, and in lieu of stud fees, has offered...another dog! It's not for six months, so we've plenty of time to decide.

* Clear skies, bright sunlight, and piercing cold. With me going out in two teeshirts, jumper, heavy leather jacket, jogging bottoms under jeans, two pairs of socks under trainers, and a wooly hat. At least I think I was under there somewhere. Simon M is escaping the weather for a week spent relaxing and overeating in Italy with his brother.

* I heard a Czech joke. It goes "How do you get a hippo into a fridge? First, open the fridge. Second, put the hippo in. Third, Close the fridge. How do you get a giraffe into a fridge? First, open the fridge. Second, take out the hippo..."

* Paul T is moving out of the 'ancestral home' (3 generations over 46 years) in the next few weeks, and into the first decent flat he can find. The books, magazines, records and bric-a-brac are being farmed out to friends for temporary storage - so I'll probably get a box of his stuff to go in the space left by the stuff I've just thrown away.

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