One thing I'm absolutely no good at is sleep management. Going to sleep when you're wide awake so you'll be rested in twelve hours when you need to be alert, and staying awake when you're exhausted so you don't wake up at three in the morning and spend the next four hours frustratedly awake. I can't do it. I sleep only when I'm tierd, and I'm alert only when properly rested.

That's how I can be awake for 36 straight hours, then sleep for 14. My parents assure me this is unhealthy and in some mysterious way immoral.
An exchange of texts with H. Nothing said beyond "Hi I'm still here How are you?", but I note it simply because it made me happy.
I've been watching a show called "Timecop". It is possibly the worst heap of corpulating horsewank I've ever sat through. A grinning smartalec cop travels back in time to solve crimes and meets famous people. Women find him irresistable, and his adversary is a born genius-psychopath who's bad simply because he likes it.

The show is 9 whole seasons of cliched gormless shit, and it's remarkably addictive. Unlike 'Dark Skies', which is boring cliched gormless shit.
I need to prove the I've been looking for a job. This is difficult, because there aren't any. It's a bit like searching for Atlantis - some people find nothing and conclude it doesn't exist, and others conclude it must be extremely hidden and all the more abundant for it. We shall see which kind of person reviews my case at the jobcentre on Thursday.

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