Box of Delights

The joys of sorting stuff out.

Going through boxes of CDRs, I've found lyrics to songs I'd either forgotten writing, or thought I'd lost. Soundfonts, samples and drumkits that I stuck on discs thinking "they'll be useful sometime" five years ago and promptly forgot. I discover that I have over ten thousand pictures of naked men, which is always nice. And now they're all in one place.

I'm about to throw away 35 CDRs, and reuse ten CDRWs. having put the bits I want to keep on three DVDs. I've made five playable CDs of music made with stuff thrown away last week, and another four of MP3s that were lying around - making a total of 62 CDRs of albums and miscelanious tracks.

There's probably another hundred or so CDs to go, which could take a while. And about 200 betamax videotapes, which probably won't.
When my age was still in single figures, I more-or-less taught myself to read with novelisations of Dr Who adventures, and the stories of Norman Hunter. The latter concerned the perilous malfunctionings of Professor Branestawm's impossible inventions (illustrated by Heath Robinson). Machines designed to travel through air, water or time threatened the sleepy town of Great Pagwell by going mad before exploding.

Devices to allow push-button shopping, automatically do the housework, or apprehend burglars always managed to turn on their users. So nothing like real life then.

I've scanned and PDF'd two 300 page Branestawm books, each of which took about 90 minutes. This gave me the chance to catch up with the week's radio. Almost all the radio I hear is recorded from DAB - days, weeks or months previous. Among the stuff I've been sorting through is some Radio 1 dance music shows from March last year.

Anyway, with the originals copied and compressed to a little more than a megabyte, the books are going on ebay. Just as soon as I can find my dratted bank details.
Apart from all that, a distinctly uneventful halloween.

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