Where was the City of Armageddeon?

It's not complex.

The US can't control the middle east until it occupies more than just Afganistan and Iraq. It can't feasibly move on to Iran until Iraq is secure. Iraq is not going to become secure.

The longer Iraq remains occupied but unsubdued, the more desperate and foolish groups think they can get the troops out by blowing things up. The more that happens, the more draconian the action from the army there and police here to prevent it.

Of course, the US might try to invade Iran anyway. They would face massive resistance, and terrorism would increase exponentially. Result: Unwinnable war in the east, martial law in the west. In the cause of 'peace' and 'freedom'.

The solution is easy. Leave Iraq and search for other ways to get the oil. Or move to economy to other power sources. No, doesn't seem likely, does it?

Right now, the 'factual' media is a nonstop stream of hate against muslims, the left is defensive and uncirtain, and I can only see it getting worse.
What do you do when you feel like that? Personally, I've spent £50 on a lateral stepping fitness device. And started reading about the physics of musical acoustics.

I've been trying to find decent information on poker playing, and the stock market. All books on the former have been stolen from the local library, and those on the latter assume basic information I don't have. Just what is a Unit Trust anyway?
Recording the Strict Machines has hit a small snag. Every time Paul tunes his guitar, or changes the strings, the pitch is slightly different. This makes dubbing guitar tracks rather difficult.

I've put together a CD of pure concert tones for him to tune to, and we start recording again this evening (Saturday).

Obvious problem, obvious solution, really.
John M says I'm "emotionally dissociated". If he means I don't easily get overexcited, he's right. If he means I'm impassive, he's unfortunately wrong.

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