It All Makes Perfect Sense!

Last night's meeting was of the 'successful, but...' variety. Dave F presenting well about economics and multinational power over governments - all comprehensible and detailed. We have a new member who turned up - he seems sound but quiet.

As for the 'but', Dear sweet Jeffrey S thinks every issue is really about ideology and rational argument, and Paul T's contributions were even more egotistical, longwinded and pedantic than usual. As the humble chair, I should have been stricter.
Tonight (Monday) was spent with Simon M, his brother Jeremy, and Simon's perpetually ill computer. And then recording with the Strict Machines.

Simon is gay, camp, smart, cultured and celibate. Jeremy is gayer, camper, smarter, more cultured, and not quite so celibate. The kind of duo who continuously bicker but never actually argue.

The computer can't connect to the internet. After checking everything I could think of, I tried to connect my laptop through his NTL box, and got the same 'no signal' result. So, one the one hand, I know the problem is not his computer. On the other, I have to spend an hour putting my computer back the way it was, so it can connect to the internet through my gateway.

As I'm typing this (0020 Thr Jul 26), I don't know when I'll be able to post it.
Recording. We got two good vocal takes from Anna. So now there's just a few more vocal takes, some more guitar takes, some backing vocals, some guitar effects, and some brief 'linking' tracks to record. Amazingly, this means the end is in sight.
I've been trying to learn the rudiments of poker. Most introductory articles assume the reader already knows the meanings of 'flop', 'stud', 'check', 'kicker' and 'suited connector'.

It's cirtainly true that the more fundamental the information, the harder it is to explain briefly. But it can't be that difficult.
Watched half a BBC documentary on 'the history of Al Quaida', nievely expecting it to be what the writeup suggested.

Instead, it claimed the war in Iraq is really a propaganda war fought over the internet, with 'muslim sites' on the offensive. Apparantly young British muslims are so impressed by MPEGs of people who look like their nonmuslim friends being grusomely killed, they want to contribute. Everyone else though is immune when they see it on TV.

The solution: Let the government control the internet. That way, fanatics won't be created, and presumably the death cult of Islam with it's ideology of evil will die.

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