Six small bombs have exploded in London. Reports are confused, but they seem to be in or around underground stations. there are two confirmed fatalities, plus unknown 'dozens' of injuries.

TV 'experts' are saying it 'bears all the hallmarks of Al Qaida' (automatic and untrue), while speculating on 'Anti-G8 extremists' (ludicrous). No organisation has claimed responsibility.

So what are we dealing with? Some splinter of the IRA? One of the numerous tiny terrorist groups from the far east, inexplicably branching out to attack european capitals? An attempt by our own government to bolster the 'war on terror'? A warning shot from Iran? A misguided shot from the resistance of Iraq? Some loony homegrown sect obsessed with some marginal issue?

None of these make sense. No doubt they'll all be suggested over the next few days, but they're all pretty dumb. All wars and all tactics make sense, once you know what they're really about. But this one doesn't, yet.

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