Theater of the Absurd

I've tried several times over the past few days to write what's happening in the outside world, but it always came out wrong. For what it's worth, here's the short version.

Four detonators (not bombs) exploded in London. All mainstream newspapers now look like the Daily Mail. All muslims are held somehow collectively responsible for the actions of a few, the MAB accused of 'harbouring terrorists', and the STWC of giving them 'succour'. The police can now shoot a man dead in public for running in a suspicious way and no one protests.

In other news, the US plan to control the middle east is unworkable - they can't press ahead, retreat, or stay still.

I can just about cope with the insanities of my own small life. The rest is Kafka on acid.
Mother turned 60 on Thursday. On Friday the family met to mark it with an italian meal out. My parents and brother, his girlfriend, my mother's two brothers, and their wives.

During the main course, my father told me, "Don't eat too much - we don't want any accidents in the car on the way home." I am 33, he is 70. I wonder which of us is more likely to have a food related 'accident'.

Paul M is my uncle. He is a judge, charged with reviewing asylum and immigration applications. Not a malicious man at all, cirtainly not a stupid man, just someone who genuinely believes Britain is overcrowded and needs to be kept culturally pure.

His three children are my cousins. I haven't seen them since they were troublesome toddlers, 15 or so years ago. They've grown into intelligent and beautiful young adults, open minded and friendly. They provided the only worthwhile and honest conversations of the day.

Mervyn M is my other uncle. He is a middle manager for a construction company - reputedly respected for competence. He attributed his failure to rise further to "not being a woman, not being black, not being disabled or not being of a cirtain sexual orientation." Perhaps MacAlpine's is run by black lesbians in wheelchairs.
Saturday evening was spent recording guitar parts for Strict Machines. It looks as though the end of recording may finally be in sight - the takes were good, and vocal recording scheduled for Monday.

Once it's finally done, send one copy to Nick and one to Stefan - my cousin who gave me a demo CD of his blues-rock band 'Flux'.

There's a forum Sunday night - entitled "Do Corporations Run The World?". I suspect I may have an inkling of the answer that will be given.

H is leaving for new home and new job on August 15th. Time to meet two or three times before then, and afterwards he's an hour away on the train instead of ten minutes on the bicycle.

His new home is 'nice but expensive'. I do seem to get involved with bon viveurs with expensive tastes - Russell and Stuart both lived beyond their means. Or rather, beyond mine.

I'm thinking of buying the 'String Studio' PM synth from Applied Acoustics. It looks like a great VSTi for all stringed instruments, including keyboards, but I can't find any objective reviews to judge properly.

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