The Man With Two Phones

Remember when I said, if my old mobile turns up I won't have the strength to be annoyed. Well, I was right. After a week in a washing machine, the old mobile now functions as a charger for the spare battery, with unreadably blurred LCD display and locked simcard.
Oh hooray. The Strict Machines have decided they're going to "What the hell, go for a take" on Monday. A small victory for time constraints over perfectionism.
The joys of internet finance. PayPal claims to have sent me a verification code but haven't. And WorldPay says it no longer recognises my debit card, even though the company I pay through them (QC1 Hosting) has the money.

It's a familliar feeling. More than a year ago, while working for the university, I requisitioned UKP30 for a video codec. The company managed to lose the order, eventually finding it three months later after I'd sent them some emails. They then sent an activation code for the wrong product.
An afternoon backing up old data from Bob's computer. A devout catholic, he had great difficulty believing that many of the priests running the local catholic school were 'posted abroad' after getting caught with their hands in the till.

But no trouble at all with those who got caught with their hands in other places.
A somewhat larger peace rally in London tomorrow. If I don't wake up with another intractable headache and burning skin tomorrow, I'll be at it.

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