Self Indulgent? Me?

The gallifreyan response to the bombings has split into two noncommunicating strands. First is the mawkish - "Oh what a horrible world we live in", "My thoughts go out to you", "Hugs to anyone in London". Second is the foaming - "George Galloway/Ken Livingstone/Anyone at all is a scumbag for making a statement after the bombings. They're just making political capital out of the tregedy." and "Bomb all muslims now".
My paypal account never worked properly, so I closed it down and started up another one. I'd forgotten what a rigmarole it was. How many other net accounts take a week to validate, and have three seperate measures to check that I'm the owner of my account? Still, a touch of paranoia is useful in a world that justifies it.
Marxism2005 is on after all - only the first day was cancelled. But I don't think I can go anyway.
I spent a very pleasant afternoon reading websites about David Irving, before sampling the great man's own online fiction. I have a soft spot for lunatics and incompetent forgers, and he's both.

Holocaust denial is obviously not a joking matter, but I hope it doesn't trivialise the issue to take pleasure in the sheer ineptness of it's 'intelectuals'.

In any case, it's reintroduced me the The Nizkor Project, a site that I first encountered in my researches into logical errors, years ago. I abandoned the thesis and instead graduated about mad cults and one about fraud!
Two things happen around September 30th. My parents get a dog, and I find out what I'm doing for the next year.

We have one dog - a black and white papillion called Mr Spock. He's 10, fluffy, not very bright and likes to sleep in company. A local papillion breeder is expecting a litter in two weeks, followed by six weeks care. My parents have 'claimed' one of the litter, when it's born and ready. We're arguing about vulcan names.

I'm on the 'clearing' list for teacher training courses - in particular looking for two year science converstion courses. The clearing process finishes around September 30th, offers are made of spare places to prospective students, and within a week they journey to start the course.

So I'll either be starting a two year course in some other part of the country, or spending another year down here, applying for next year's course. The latter seems rather more likely. But we have to at least go through the motions.

The trouble is, I can't make any long term plans until I know I definitely won't be offered a place.
Don't know when I can post this. My wireless connection was never reliable, but now seems dead.

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