Inspired by Spam

I've just got an email telling me I'm entitled to "Thirty Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars". And all I have to do to collect it is provide the sender with some personal details. Well, I thought...why not?

> Kindly re-confirm to me if this is inline with what you have in
> yourRecord and also re-confirm the information below to enable this office
> Proceed andfinalize your fund remittance without further delays.
> 1) Your full name.
Mr Theophrastus Q Fatcock III

> 2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
Phone: 066-66666-666666
Fax: 000-000000-000000-0-0-1

> 3) Company name, position and address.
Head of Really Interesting Research
The Electronic Raw Sewage Company
99.9% Oliver Stone House
North-west-south England

> 4) Profession, age and marital status.
Profession: Mafia Hitman (specialising in golden showers)
Age: 104 and one third
Marital Status: Unmarried to triplets

> 5) Copy of Drivers License I .D. if any
Picture of 'The Driving Licence' attached.
[A jpeg I found of the words "The Driving Licence"]

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