Foan Moan

Isn't technology wonderful. You get a pocket sized phone, that also functions as alarm clock, reminder system, contact number list and sort-of emailer. If you pay more it's also a radio, walkman, stills camera, video camera and dictaphone. All small enough to fit in a pocket.

And then you bloody lose it. Or it get's stolen or left in the washing machine or dropped onto hard tarmac and run over by a steamroller. I only lost mine, so much of today was spent getting a new one (£50), and trying to remember which number on which itemised bill goes with which name.

I got the new one working just in time for Mark S to cancel tonight's meet by text. Some things at least don't change.
John M had some trouble ordering from Amazon - I've ordered the books for him and he'll pay me back. I may also wind up going to the weekend of the Marxism2005 conference after all. Not sure about that.

Max is very happy with his 10 videotapes, earmarked for leftist notables in the world of small theatre. He wants to buy a superdupercomputer to make radio plays and audio books with. At a rough costing that would be:

Decent computer: £500
Small monitor: £150
Semipro soundcard: £150
Microphones and accessories: £75
Software: The back of a lorry

Add £75 for CDs, cases, stamps, envelopes and teabags, and we're still under £1000.
My parents have gone to london for the evening to see a concert. It took a lot of arguing, but they have finally managed to unbutton enough to enjoy their retirement a little - which here entails going to see classical or jazz concerts every month or so. This one is a laid back beethoven recital.

I'm left at a slight loose end. Tonight I was going to suck off a schoolfriend and go for a bike ride. Now he's cancelled and it's raining.

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