Going a bit Pete Tong

The N-Pod has locked up. There seems no way of resetting it, so I'm just letting the battery run down, in the hope that losing all power will induce a reboot.

This morning, I tried to check my bank balance, but the hole in the wall was closed for repairs.

Looks like I'm going to be stuck around here for another year looking for jobs that don't exist until I can get on another course. I could always try living somewhere else doing exactly the same thing, but there doesn't seem a lot of point.

I've lost almost everyone's telephone number. Or rather, I have dozens of telephone numbers, but I don't know which one belongs to who. If I knew which ones belonged to the people who knew everyone else's number, I could call it to ask them.

H hasn't got back to me. He's probably exhausted from teaching a class of italian teenagers and/or busy writing his book and/or still unwell. I should call him later.

[EDIT: He's relaxed about teaching, easygoing about the book, and still feeling a bit lousy. We disagreed about JG Ballard, Stephen Spielberg, and whether or not it's a good idea for EFL teachers to be fluent in the language of their pupils.

He always cheers me up. Said he'd give me a call midweek when he's coughing and sneezing less, and we can decide on a film to see. Maybe War of the Worlds.

So, everything's going a bit wrong, but I'm feeling better about it.]

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