Greetings from a dead man

Kam listened to the demo of 'Have You Ever'. He says the lyrics are good, but the vocal melody is weak, and it should be possible to knock it into good shape. In short, he has the same thoughts as me, which is always nice ;).

I've made another rash promise to write a song by Friday.

I wrote a long post about how the old cassette 4-track technology I grew up with is now beyond repair, and how that makes me feel. But Blogger managed to lose the post. I may rewrite it sometime if I have the energy.

I'm trying to record my old commercial music cassettes to mp3 before they degrade beyond usability, but the playback equipment is now hopelessly unreliable. I can't find any shops that sell cheap cassette playback systems with output sockets.

Tomorrow is an idiotic 45 minute interview at the jobcentre. I should get some sleep to be ready for it, but that requires more respect for beaurocratic procedure than I can muster.

MS knocked on my door today. One day he will realise the reason he enjoys sex with me is that he enjoys sex with men. And women too, of course. We compared our respective relationship troubles and frustrations about home life - surprisingly similar.

I read some more of Lenin's 'Materialism and Empireo-Criticism'. Whereas Marx is overdense, allusive, and poetic, Lenin is overrepetative, clear, and polemical. It seems strange that Lenin thought the revolution could be threatened by such incohearant philosophical ideas. As strange, that intelligent committed bolsheviks could adhere to such ideas.

Sometimes it seems I'm trying to explain my life to a stranger. Sometimes that stranger is my own future self. Sometimes I wonder how much he will care.

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