Bits and Scraps

I haven't spoken to Nick on IRC for (i think) 6 days, and I'm missing our chats. Even though we've swapped some emails. He's submitted a minimal but brilliant song to Songfight this week, which I rather gushed over in my last email to him.

Last night I exchanged a few messages on Out ( with an asian fellow who lives near me. He's 33, a nurse, into cycling and karaoke, and is rather unsavvy about computers. Goes by the monkier Jeff R.

I want to meet Jeff, and I also want to chat with Nick. So I tried to phone Nick to ask if he's going to be available tonight, but there was no answer. I really hate not knowing what's going on.

Eddie called me. He's got 40 minutes of raw footage, shot at the last Unite Against Fascism gig, and he want's to know how to edit it into a 15 minute film. Editing is a long and tedious process, which Eddie doesn't realise, and I don't want to get heavily involved. So, I'll transfer his footage to MJPEG on CDRs, give him Premiere, show him how to use it, and leave him to it.

Mark Shaw - he who gave me his exercise equipment - has recommened me for a 1-day technical support job. There's a conference in Brighton next Monday, with lots of PowerPoint presentations, and it's my job to make sure the projectors work properly. It's £60 for the day, and I don't know or care what the conference is about.

I keep meaning to meet up with Steve B. We've met 2 or 3 times, had sex once at 02:00 in a cold field, and chatted on MSN lots of times. Steve is a compassionate man, and a good shoulder to cry on. My feelings are slowly getting more stable, but it's taking months, and I could use some big hugs.

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