Bits and Scraps - Update

Blogger has been having trouble publishing new entries today, which is why the last one was late.

I've sent a message to Jeff, asking if we can meet, but he hasn't so far replied. I chatted with Nick for an hour at 19:00 - he's extremely busy with professional work that doesn't interest him at all, which I can certainly understand.

I reinstalled Windows 2000 on my machine - took 3 goes to get it to work. But the popups and spyware have gone. As usual, there were a few files which I forgot to back up, largely because I hadn't stored them sensibly. I'm a great one for classification, but not it seems for filing.

Called Steve B, but only got his answering service. Went out for a healthy bike ride for an hour, but weakened when I saw a KFC and...ate a lot more calories than I burned. I'm putting on the weight I spent the last six months losing. It's true that I lost most of it through having no apatite because of my relationship with D, which I'm now mostly over. But even so, it's not good, and not inevitable.

Regardless of what time Blogger thinks it is, it's 03:55, and I should sleep.

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