...Just to make it feel right"?

Someone's actually been reading my blog. There's a brief message of appreciation for the Does She lyrics, from Frogspots. I write more for myself than others, but it's nice when an unsolicited bit of appreciation drops into your mailbox.

Frogspots sounds like my friend Anna - a sensitive, intelligent girl, who likes other sensitive intelligent girls. If Anna were a man, I'd marry her ;-).

I got a call today from someone who said 'Hello?' then hung up. I called them back, and got M answering. We talked for half an hour. On the one hand, he's still angry with me for walking out. On the other, he still cares about me and sugested meeting again. He said I should have been honest with him from the start - that I should have told him he wasn't what I was looking for. I thought I did, but maybe he's as bad at taking hints as I am.

M is both a kind, warm man, and a self-rightous twit. He tried so hard to impress me, not realising I wanted a genuine man, not a wonderful man. I tried to be diplomatic with him, not realising he wanted to be told straight out what I felt and wanted. He's also very possessive - I can be guilty of the same crime, but usually find it opressive in others.

One small irony: It wasn't him who called me. I pressed the wrong button when trying to return the mystey call.

By the way:
Are you sleeping with someone special tonight?
Does she drink tall drinks,
Just to make it feel right?
- Lawnchairs, by Our Daughter's Wedding

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