Strangelove, Strangelife

Only got about 45 minutes with Kam in IRC tonight. Time enough. He's feeling a bit more motivated (and even optimistic). He may come over to see me and my home town this weekend, or the one after.

I am a member of the SWP. The Socialist Workers Party. An organisation of a few thousand revolutionary marxists, in the tradition of Trotsky, as continued by Tony Cliff. The two hours prior to talking with Kam were spent in a room (and later a pub) with 12 others in the same organisation.

We made plans to leaflet an upcomming mulicultural event for 'Unite Against Fascism', which campaigns against the BNP, and is (unfortunately) dominated and largely run by the SWP. We also discussed the upcoming fortnightly local 'Marxist Forum', which is an event for internal education and debate. My assigned task within the local SWP branch is to organise these forums.

I care more for the theory of marxism than the practice, more for music than either, and more for my friend than any of these. I didn't discover my mind till I was 10. It took me another two decades to discover my heart.

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