I never know how to begin a story. Every story seems to begin partway through itself, and partway through a lot of other stories.

I'm seeing a man called M. The reason I'm seeing him is I thought some dates and sex with men might help me get over D. D is a man I loved desperately, but could not have. He is also the best friend I could wish for. M is a kind man, but dull. He is helping me set up as a self-employed computer consultant.

That paragraph is true, but each clause needs several paragraphs of backstory to set it in context.

Aphorism: If your life is simple enough to explain, you don't have one.

EDIT: This blog started life as a series of philosophical ramblings, but after four posts mutated into a diary recording my day-to-day life and thoughts. I have deleted the early philosophical posts. (25/07/2006)

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