A small ending

I've broken up with M by email. I asked him not to call me, which was unfair of me. I just can't cope with a relationship like that at the moment. The choice was between him feeling hurt and me feeling guilty now, and us both being hurt more later. Somehow knowing this doesn't make it feel alright, what I did.

He's just sent me a text message. "Angry and insulted at the email that u have sent". I tried to call him but he seems to have blocked me on his phone. Perhaps he just wanted to have the last word. Fair enough.

This is the email I sent him:
I can't go through with this, Martin. With any of it.

You're a nice man, and I like you. But the turmoil inmy head is too much.

Please don't try to call me. Move on.

I'm really sorry Martin. Never meant to hurt you. But if I stayed, we would both get hurt. You probably don'tunderstand this now, but you will.

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