Music from the Fool of Love

I finished the backing for the live performance of '12 Monkeys' on October 16th. On impulse, I recorded a vocal track over it - singing the lyrics instead of speaking them as in the original. Kam likes the effect, but isn't sure he can sing like that live with me at the event.

Added to the new backing for 'Under the Wagon' and the old backings I have found for 'Texas' and 'Let It Be', this means the only track I need to recreate from scratch is 'The Puppet's Dream'. Though I'd like to recreate/improve the old backings anyway.

For some reason, I'm feeling happy today. Elevated. Maybe M was hanging over my mind more than I thought.

I dropped by the DooleyDrums site ( to find the free samples are no longer free, but there are a lot more of them. As the price was 3.99USD and I had 14UKP sitting doing nothing in my paypal account, I actually paid for access. Another impulse.

For some months now, I've been toying with the idea of putting together a sample collection of more exotic drum hits than are found in Dooley or NS. Jembi's, Congas, chinese drums, and the like. I know some people who have these drums - it's a matter of ingratiating myself with them enough so they'll let me record the sounds.

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  1. I've picked up some really sweet drum loops and samples from DMS and been working on a few audio tracks and demos and I've been using more and more of my free time to try and develop these songs.