22nd August 2004

I spent most of this afternoon with members of the band I'm involved with, practicing. The band are called 'The Strict Machines', and my involvement is as recording engineer, producer, and occasionally vocalist and keyboardist.

As I was there as audiance and advisor, not performer, I took the opportunity to rip a dozen CDs belonging to Paul, the rhythm guitarist and band founder. Paul is the one who introduced me to the music of Goldfrapp, whose second album 'Black Cherry' I have ripped and put up on my FTP site for Kamakura (http://www.kamakura.blogspot.com/). Kam is a musician I met on 'SongFight!' (http://www.songfight.org/), which is a loose community of songwriters and musicians in nominal friendly competition. Although I'm leaving SongFight! for a few months because the attitude of some other members upsets me, Kam and I plan to record an EP together, inspired by Goldfrapp's work.

In the evening, I chaired the fortnightly marxist forum, which was on 'Pride and Prejudice: Whatever Happened to Gay Liberation?'.

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