The White (Photo) Album

I live in the town where Charles Dickens wrote that insipid potboiler about ghosts and Tiny Tim's big turkey. Some things haven't changed much since the christmas he wrote it.

There are christmas trees, and trees that look christmassy. They look nothing alike.

It looks...gloopy. Gelatinious. Like an enormous dump of egg white or...something.

We have a big open-air TV screen in the town square. I'm not absolutely sure when or why it was installed - maybe it was for the last olympics. In any case, it's usually tuned to the BBC's 24-hour news station, which means we get to stand outside in the snow, watching a snow-topped plasma screen three metres across, telling us how there's a lot of snow about lately.

There are three things you can do with snow. You can annoy people by throwing it at them, you can write your name in it, and...

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  1. As someone who didn't grow up with snow, I have to say the first time I saw it, I was blown away by just how magical it all seemed to watch it float down slowly from the skies...and how much fun it was making snowmen (with lifelike, extra large, aroused genitals), having snowball fights, and building snow forts. All that snow made a grimy, rough city look clean, shining, wondrously charming!

    That being said, it sucked being in a blizzard, stuck for days, dealing with bone numbing cold, and having to shovel snow out of the driveway--and learning the hard way that iced sidewalks are slippery! I'll take a hurricane over a blizzard any day. But I still think snow is pretty, esp if I don't have to deal with shoveling it!

    The pics are fantastic...