Out of Africa

I was offered a job. Actually two jobs. Actually two jobs for me and one for a friend.

I'd get to be a teacher of general English in a school, and a teacher of Business English in a prestigious university in the capital city. Combined, the wages come to around USD1000 dollars per month, plus free food and lodging, in a country where everything's really cheap.

The other job is running the school, for the same sort of deal. USD250 per week disposable income each.

There is, however, one tiny niggling problem. It's in Khartoum, which is in the Sudan, which is probably just about to have a civil war, and where white folks and gay folks are not notably popular.

I knew there was a reason they were so desperate for me to sign the contract so quickly.

Oh, but there has been another offer. From people I've found to be much more educated, friendly and non-judgemental than almost everyone in Britain. The affluent middle class of the stable, rich, technologically advanced...um, Saudi Arabia.

National stereotypes: Less confusing than reality, but just as absurd.

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