School of Life

Things I discovered this week:

* I sing better in G than in A.

* Thai food is very nice.

* One electric blanket costs the same as twenty marsbars, lasts longer and gives more pleasure, in this weather.

* A cheap new pair of shoes costs the same as an electric blanket, and gives a lot more pain.

* The amount of material cut-and-pasted from journals into PhD theses - including material the student doesn't understand - is staggering.

* In America, some people tend to unplug coffee-making devices when not in use, on the spurious ground that anything which makes coffee is an electrical fire hazards. Though they happily leave VCRs, TV and bedside radios switched on all the time - and these things cause a lot more fires.

* That story about an Arab woman being able to legally divorce her husband by saying "I divorce you" three times is just the pile of dren I thought it was. Which is to say, it's true - in the same way it's true you can make a citizen's arrest on George W Bush for war crimes.

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