No Worries

I've a nasty feeling I'm going to look back on this part of my life as a happy one. Because I've got no major problems - just a constant stream of minor irritations.

This evening I got a phone call saying could I please come to the university for twenty minutes to help out with poofing a thesis. Fine - I do a lot of poofing, but I'm not averse to proofing as well, which is what they actually wanted.

So I stomp along the slippery remelted snow, and when I arrive...another call saying please wait (in the cold) for ten minutes. And there will be food!

The student arrives when promised...and has us stomp for another ten minutes to his flat, where he's very kindly decided to cook for us both before doing the work there. It's lemon chicken with rice, and lots of trimmings - very nice.

Of course, I'd just eaten a large meal before leaving and I was already feeling stuffed would have been impolite to mention that. Just like it was impolite to mention that the requested twenty minutes had become three hours I'd apparently agreed to.

So three hours later, after midnight, he says he'll call me at six AM. Ah no, I chuckle, you mean six PM - you've got them mixed up before, remember? No, he means six AM, because there's a load more work to do and he's left it till the last minute and it's due in the day after.

So, this is Kapitano, the man with no problems, about to sleep off quite a lot of indigestion in preparation for an early phone call on the day of rest.

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  1. 6AM?!!! 06:00!!!? Remember, Sunday is our sweet lord's day of rest. So, unless you're a complete idjit (and no one has yet suggested you might be), then you're insane ... or in love/lust/??? with afore mentioned student. Or both. OR you're being paid a huge amount of folding wonga.

    Please let us (keen fans) know which it is!

    Captcha: taccar - a yellow Austin Maestro.