Last Christmas (but One)

Two christmasses ago I spent the holidays backing up a few hundred gigabytes of data from hard drive to DVDR. Now I'm backing up much the same data from DVDR to external hard drive.

That christmas I got a present - thermal underwear. This christmas, it's so cold I couldn't manage without it. Back then I was awake most of the nights and asleep most of the days, living on tea with powdered milk, and chocolate biscuits. Now...well, I had to replace the old kettle.

I was putting off the hard work of writing lyrics by developing a collection of virtual synths. Now I've got a chorus and half a verse in front of me...and I'm coming up with a way to add a little unpredictability to mixing desk EQs.

I was getting nostalgic with a lot of old recordings I'd made of 70s Dr Who episodes. This year it's Blake's 7. The cold virus probably isn't the same one either.

But one thing is different this time. I've been given my very own christmas tree.

Happy Sleighbells to you, and may your new year resolutions last longer than your new year.

1 comment:

  1. The tree looks awesome!!!

    So does the kettle and the food keeping the tree company.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, Kapi and household!!!