Sreeetwise Sunday - 'It's a Wrap' Edition

Nighttime, on the street, wondering whether I wanted a bag of chips or not.

Or rather, knowing full well that I wanted a bag of chips, but wondering whether I should.

Or rather, knowing full well I shouldn't, but wondering whether I could resist.

Or rather...ah, what's this? Someone's left a spicy chicken wrap sitting on a windowsill, next to the liquid remains of a curry. Someone obviously wasn't as hungry as they thought.

Here it is, my supper waiting for the kettle to boil back in my room.


  1. But, but ... but you don't know where it's been! Yick. :0

    You are sure it's a spicy chicken wrap and not a spicy chicken wrap with another wrap inside, ready to be picked up by the local Mr. Big?

    ... a plot for a novel, perhaps?

  2. If it was cash, or diamonds, or drugs...I ate them. At least I think I did. Memory goes a bit vague :-).

    (Captcha: Versaral. Like visceral, but more aristocratic.)