You in America might have the craziest politics right now, but we're catching up. Slowly, but we're doing our best.

This a van parked near my home.

Who are the English Democrats? Essentially, they're the halfway respectable end of the isolationist movement. The closed-borders anti-immigration movement - which is to say, the anti-foreigner party. Which is the say, the racist fuckwit scum movement.

But they're different from the British National Party, because they're dewey-eyed sentimental racist fuckwit scum, whereas the BNP are literal nazis.

The English Defence League are a completely different set of pondlife, in that they hate the other two for being jewlovers, ie. supporting Israel. Odd how the nazi party are pro-Israel, but there no limit to confusion and hypocrisy, especially where drooling hate is involved.

The EDL are into Arthurian legends and pig latin, the ED are into Bulldog Drummond and pretending to be apolitical,and the BNP are into worshiping Hitler, but only when they think there are no cameras watching.

There's also the UK Independence Party, but they're a joke even among hypernationalists.

The ED, the BNP and the EDL are dedicated to making Britain pure British - that is, to making it pure White. Like it never was in the golden age which they can never quite place historically.

Not that terms like 'pure white' or 'pure british' have meaning anyway, for the same reason 'pure human' has no meaning. But dedication to a meaningless notion is politically very useful - because a meaningless notion can be made to mean anything.

We may not have much in the way of Birthers, Deathers, anti-masturbation candidates, ex-gay frauds, marches comparing health insurance to deathcamps, or candidates who want to gamble social security on the stock exchange...but we have loonies too.


  1. The real problem is that none of them think they are racist fuckwit scum (dewey-eyed or not).

    How shall their eyes be opened?

  2. In my experience it's not possible to reason someone out of an idea they're emotionally committed to. Though occasionally circumstances will force them to reconsider.

    No, you can't make bad people good. The most you can do is try to make sure they're powerless.

    (Captcha, I kid you not: ingsocc.)

  3. Wait, I thought it was only Whigs and Tories in the UK...

    Anyway, I'm assuming that there are also Irish Democrats, Welsh Democrats, Scottish Democrats, and Cornish Democrats with their vans parked about town and putting their part of the UK first, too.

  4. Whigs and Tories...about a 150 years ago.

    There are indeed Irish, Cornish etc parties - and indeed parties of tiny little islands off the coast - but the ED are a little more organised, and a lot more insane.