Eat Your Words

The last time I tried to eat healthily, I bought a lettuce. And ate the whole thing in one sitting. With a little pepper. It was quite nice actually, and the indigestion didn't last long.

The time before that I tried drinking water. You know that myth about how everyone should drink 1.2 litres of water a day? I think I about doubled that over an hour.

You wouldn't believe how much rivita I can put away.

Anyway, tonight I have another lettuce, a choice of half a dozen classic but as-yet unseen movies as inspiration, and a target of two thousand more words.

Yes, I've got about four thousand written so far, but they don't exactly form a linear story - partly because I've only got the vaguest outline of a plot. If it gets to a state of linear readability, you'll read it here first.


  1. Good luck with the writing.

    I've heard it said you should write what you know...

    But I take it that means we'll be reading material that forms the core of Treasure Island Media films or Bel Ami and other independent art house companies.

    I think weight loss is just like any business venture or natural process. If you use up more than you take in, you'll start getting smaller than when you originally started out. Ask any star that went supernova or any wetland that's been drained dry...

  2. Are you not going to update your total and play properly? ;)

    Sequential prose really isn't important, either. I pick a scene I fancy having a go at and have a go at it. Sooner - or later - or never - they'll all slot together into an attractively book like thing.

    captcha: bosar - a boastful Russian oligarch.

  3. @Eros & Camy:

    As soon as I've got something more-or-less sequential, I'll post it. And then you'll see why I'm making a big deal of writing out of order.

    And yes, there may be just a bit of sex in it. But more Derek Jarman than Bel Ami.

  4. What is this sex thing of which you speak?