Streetwise Sunday - Two Halves Edition

People buy junk food. They eat and drink half of it, decide they don't want any more, and despite there being a bin right next to the bench, leave it on the seat.

And I'm glad they do, because I get thirsty.

And I put them in the bin when I'd finished.


  1. I sincerely hope you use a new straw.

    captcha: tumbtl - shorthand for tummy button lint. ;)

  2. I suppose I could carry around a straw just for when I find abandoned drinks...but people might think that was a bit weird :-).

    Though it would have been useful for the almost-full can of Red Bull I found on the steps of a school a week ago.

    When I was at school we used all-natural ways to stay awake, like marijuana. Kids today....

    (Captcha: nouttle - the next wave in crunchy confection)

  3. I got a giant cold sore on my lip last time someone drank out of my wine glass.