Gah, No Write Mode

I had a small data crash. Annoying but I've got good at dealing with them - before doing anything else, recover and back up all your data using various unix utilities on your specially prepared USB stick, then if you can't get the operating system working again, format the drive and reinstall, then reinstall software and restore data.

I did all that, and in twenty four hours was back to normal. Except for one folder of text data which for no apparent reason didn't recover. Which data was that, Kapitano? Well, you remember I was writing something for NaNoWriMo?

Yes. So excuse me while I bash my head against the wall, reminding myself to do what I always advise everyone else to do - make frequent, regular backups of what you're working on.


  1. *hands Kapitano a cushion to put between the wall and his head*

    Regularly backing up is just one of those pieces of advice it's easier to give than to follow, I think. Much sympathy regardless. :o)

  2. Oh, bad luck and poop.

    I use Dropbox ( for stuff I'm working on. It's safe on the cloud and is ported and stored locally to as many computers you install it on. AND the 2gb version if entirely free. Peachy!

    Capcha: siperhed - where you don't want your head to get caught ;)