Fat Boys Crushin'

Right. New Year's Eve party tonight, new diet tomorrow.

At least that's the plan - my clothes have all mysteriously shrunk a size over christmas.

Then back to the latest songfight, titled "Crush". My take on it has, shall we say, a slightly ambitious three-in-one quality. "What do you mean by that, Kapitano?". Well, here's a clue, in the form of the lyrics, just finished.

Crush Alpha

They used to say
If you kneel and pray
He might pass you by

He might not come for you
His burning love imbue
But it was a lie

They used to tell me
I should wait and see
Whole world in his hand

Crush Beta

Little self-knowledge is a dangerous thing, a
Little self-deception it was meant to be a one time
Fling. Who'm I fooling? Who'm I fooling around with? Your
Marriage is a fiction, your family a myth. So
Do you lie to them more than you lie to me, pre-
-Tending they believe you for the sake of a trouble free
Family home with a mortgage and a pool, some-
Times I think I care for you, at other times I feel like a

You get a crush.
I get a rush.

Little coded SMS, you want to come over
More like Madame Bovary, less like Cassanova
If you can't love the one you're with, love the one you ought
Not, the only one who says you make 'em hot, huh, but
Our deniabiltity is always plausible, if
Anyone accuses we can say it was impossible
You were on a train trip, i was on the other side of
Town, and anyway you're not the type for messing a-

Crush Gamma
Tempo ordas
Vivo mordas

Provis signifi
Lante rezigni

Lasu kri'

(Rough translation:

Time gives order
Life bites down

Try to signify
Slowly give up

Let go a sigh)


  1. Ovary rhymes with Bovary.

    Happy 2010, Kapi!

  2. Happy New Year, Kapi!

    Is Crush Alpha a religious hymn?

    If you wash your clothes in cold water, they won't shrink.

  3. I think you should try a haiku or two in Esperanto, dearest Krapitano. It would keep you out of mischief for a good while, and the result would keep us immensely amused.