L. Ron Hubbard was a fake. Everyone knows that now, but here's the book that said it first: A Piece of Blue Sky, by Jon Atack

Mother Teresa was a fake. Everyone knows that now, but here's the book which gives the details: Mother Teresa: Final Verdict, by Aroup Chatterjee. It spawned this documentary: Hell's Angel - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I'm waiting for the book which shows Diana Spencer was a fake. Not because I want to read it - I just think it needs writing.


  1. I'm pretty sure Mother Teresa was real. Unfortunately, she passed away just 5 days after Diana died, and no one paid attention...except maybe the poor in India.

    The woman who spent her life caring for the poor and downtrodden was ignored by the media that was obsessed with a royal celebrities and scandals instead. No one gives a crap about the poor--or the people who help them.

  2. @Eroswings:

    Have a look at the videos or the book. I knew her reputation was exaggerated, but I didn't realise how exaggerated.

    Basically, she ran a soup kitchen in Calcutta, and one in Rome, with capacities of 50 and 150 respectively. And they served mainly the catholic poor, and not the poorest of them. Everything else attributed to her was wild exaggeration, or pure invention.

    The kitchens were worth doing, certainly. But this woman got a nobel prize, and a private jet.

    Oh, and her main concern was campaigning against abortion rights. That took up most of her time.