The last three times I got phoned to fix a computer...

The first: "I was repartitioning my hard disk, and I removed the system drive. Now it won't boot up."

The second: "How do I set up a Facebook group?".

The third: "A friend of mine can't get his wireless internet connection to work. Can you sort it all out? Oh by the way, he doesn't speak English."


  1. You either need to change your phone number or get new friends...possibly both.

  2. Come on, at least you can't say your life is boring! Im assuming you do actually fix computers tho...

  3. @Eroswings:

    There is one benefit to being constantly in demand from people who have no money. They feed you.

    There's been weeks where I never had to cook a meal.

    @Joanna Cake:

    I do indeed fix many computers. And get fed. And very occasionally get, erm, other things.

    But mostly it's doing all the things the book of instructions says - the book no one, including me, ever reads till there's absolutely no alternative.